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Robert Gates Senate Committee Holds Confirmation Hearing for Gen. John Kelly to Become Chief of Homeland Security Dept.
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Robert Gates Senate Legislators Address the Media After Their Weekly Policy Luncheons
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Robert Gates Donald Trump Departs From New York for Midwest Visits
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Robert Gates -- Takes a scalpal to defense budget

By Jake on
Defense Secretary Robert Gates is making the call to cancel many controversial military spending projects.In a press conference today, Gates said the military would stop buying F-22s, C-17s, as well as discontinuing the TSAT satelite program.From a marketwatch.com report: Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced sweeping changes to the Pentagon budget on Monday, reflecting a greater priority towards the type of irregular warfare already seen in Iraq and Afghanistan.In a press conference...Read Full Story

Robert Gates to Stay on as Secretary of Defense Under Obama

By JJ Duncan on
As the sole holdover from the Bush administration, Robert Gates is currently involved in a sometimes awkward transition phase. OBAMA'S NATIONAL SECURITY TEAM Robert Gates, Secretary of DefenseEric Holder, United States Attorney GeneralJanet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland SecurityJames L. Jones, National Security AdvisorSusan Rice, United States Ambassador to the United Nations While Gates says he's Bush's man until noon on Jan. 20, he's had to attend meetings with both the Bush...Read Full Story