Internet Reports Rosie Perez “Very Awkward” About Sex Scene with Friend

Fox News, Gay Wired, Suburban Chicago News, Boston Herald, MSNBC, IHT, Post Chronicle, Trans World News, ABC Local, Show Hype, Shoutwire, Star Plus, The Examiner and every other news site noted that Rosie Perez felt “Very Awkward” about doing a sex scene with her close friend John Leguizamo.

They all went on to quote the Brooklynite as saying, "It was in the sex scene between husband and wife that things started to go bad. ... It was the hardest scene, very difficult." And: "I respect him so much and he respects me so much. I know his wife, he knew my husband and introduced me to my boyfriend. It was very awkward. Like brother and sister having to do a sex scene."

Gotta love syndicated news wires, folks. So, in summary, she pretended to have sex with her friend. It felt funny. But in the end it wasn’t that bad. And everyone wrote about it.

The end.

The movie is called The Take and Perez plays the wife of semi-rehabilitated armored truck driver (Leguizamo) who’s looking for the guy that shot him.

But my point is: There’s another movie – a documentary actually – called The Take which is awesome. It doesn’t star either of the Latin sensations mentioned in this article, but it’s a great documentary. Check out the trailer below.

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