Brawn back at Ferrari?

Ross brawn pictureThe usual suspects in the German media are claiming that Ross Brawn will almost certainly take over as team boss at Ferrari next year.

It is known that the Englishman will be holding talks with the Italian team in the coming weeks with a view to deciding the future, however, it is unlikely that a decision will be made for some time.

At a time when the Italian team is bringing charges against a serving employee, accusing him of sabotage, it is unlikely that Brawn - a good friend of Nigel Stepney - or anyone else would be willing to rush into anything.

With the Italian team 35 points behind McLaren in the Constructors' Championship, and only 32 points ahead of BMW, there are some who claim that following the departure of Brawn, Schumacher, Byrne and Martinelli, and subsequent reshuffles, the glory days are finally at an end, indeed, in some quarters the word 'crisis' is being used.

There are many who feel that Brawn's absence this season has been a major reason for the Italian team's (relative) failure in taking the fight to Woking, and there is no arguing that there have been times this year when his strategic genius was dearly needed.

However, in much the same way as onlookers thought it would be unwise of Brawn to join Honda - certainly under its current management - many believe it might be best for the Englishman not to rush into anything with his former employers.