Rudy Fernandez Could Lead Spain Over States in Beijing

You've probably never heard of Rudy Fernandez, but he's kind of a big deal. At least in Spain he is.

He's one of the best players in Spain's ACB basketball league and he's been called an integral piece in the Portland Trail Blazers' chances at making a run at a championship next year with the likes of Greg Oden. And he might be the reason Spain is going to kick America's ass in the Olympics this year.

Small for the NBA at 6'6" and 178 pounds, this guy crushes the three-point line and could possibly set records on the foul line with a 97 percent free-throw record.

Check out this guy's stats.

ACB League
Points per game: 19.2 (1st in league)
3-pointers: 2.79 per game, 40% shooting (1st in league)
Efficiency: 23.4 (2nd in league)
Free throws made per game: 4.71, 97% accuracy (3rd in league)
Assists per game: 4.46 (5th in league)
Steals per game: 2.0 (4th in league)
Fouls received per game: 5.14 in 28 minutes