Recently converted to Nike...

By Livingly Staff on
I used to run a lot, but now I'm a weekend warrior. I run a couple of times per week, 3-5 miles each time. I've always been an asics fan, but last fall I switched over to the new Nike Shoxs (with the big funny looking heal shocks). Gotta say, I love them. My knees take less of a pounding.Read Full Story

High Arches

By Cleve Pasarell on
I've been running for years and have very high arches and have a difficult time finding shoes that fit correctly. I usually have good luck with New Balances, and occasionally strike gold with a pair of Nikes or Sauconeys, but other than that I haven't seen anything out there that I can comfortably wear. Does anyone have any other suggestions for running shoes or cross trainers that have good arch support?Read Full Story