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Russell Brand MusiCares Person Of The Year Honoring Aerosmith - Inside
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Katy Perry Dating: Info on Her Rumored Boyfriend, Diplo

By Deena Bustillo on
They're been linked over the last few months. Read Full Story

WATCH: Russell Brand Calls for a Revolution in an Explosive New Interview

By Lani Conway on
(YouTube) In an explosive new interview with journalist Jeremy Paxman, Russell Brand called for revolution and a change in the way the political system is run. The comedian, who is the guest editor of the current issue of British political magazine the New  Statesman, got fired up when revealing his views on how politcal lies and deceit have destroyed our planet, exploited people around the world, and created worldwide economic disparity. "Stop voting. Stop pretending. Wake up,” Brand...Read Full Story

Interview: Diablo Cody on 'Paradise,' Her Odd Trio, and Nick Offerman's Shaved Mustache

By JJ Duncan on
(Getty Images)It's been nearly six years since Diablo Cody won an Oscar for her screenplay for Juno, and in that time she's written three more movies, created the critically acclaimed Showtime series United States of Tara, and learned to take both praise and criticism in stride. Her latest movie, Paradise, finds her sitting in the director's chair for the first time, and bringing together a high-profile cast (Julianne Hough, Holly Hunter, Russell Brand, Octavia Spencer, and Nick Offerman) in...Read Full Story

Did Russell Brand's Nazi Joke Get Him Kicked Out of the GQ Party?

By Darrick Thomas on
(Getty Images) Russell Brand isn't afraid to bite the hand that feeds him, which is exactly what he did when GQ gave him the "Oracle" award at their recent "Men of the Year Awards," and it was glorious. See, the festivities were sponsored by Hugo Boss, and if there's one thing that's true about a swanky publishing affair, it's that you don't piss off the people paying for the swanky publishing affair. So when Brand linked the Hugo Boss to Hitler, GQ was none to pleased.In an acceptance speech...Read Full Story

Russell Brand Cracked a Very Rude Joke About Katy Perry Last Week

By Alicia Dennis on
Katy Perry generally refrains from talking about her short-lived marriage to comedian Russell Brand, but she did open up a little bit in her cover interview with Vogue earlier this summer. Perry revealed that she thought Brand was hysterical — "Until he started making jokes about me and he didn’t know I was in the audience, because I had come to surprise him at one of his shows."Apparently Brand is still cracking jokes about Perry, even though they called time on their marriage almost two...Read Full Story