Sarah Jessica Parker Says 'Sex and the City 3' Is 'Fairly Nearby'

Forget what you know, because 'Sex and the City 3' might actually be right around the corner.

Sarah Jessica Parker Says 'Sex and the City 3' Is 'Fairly Nearby'

You can only re-watch Sex and the City so many times before every other sentence becomes one of 20 iconic Carrie Bradshaw quotes, which is why we're pleased to share that a third installment in the film franchise is on the horizon.

In May, actress Sarah Jessica Parker said there were "no plans" for another Sex and the City film. But over the weekend, Parker told CBS' Sunday Morning the idea had actually been floating within arm's reach for quite some time.

"I will say that the idea, it rests in the butler's pantry," she teased. "Not on the table, but somebody is holding it fairly nearby."

Sarah Jessica Parker Says 'Sex and the City 3' Is 'Fairly Nearby'

Parker's newest project, HBO series Divorce, is the approximate opposite of Sex and the City. In the show, Parker plays Frances, a mother of two who considers divorcing her husband after more than 10 years of marriage. In Sex and the City 2, Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha did some soul-searching of their own, traveling to Abu Dhabi and removing themselves from familiar surroundings. So what would a third movie hold in store for them?

"One can't help but picture a Golden Girls kind of version of Sex and the City," Sunday Morning host Jane Pauley said during her conversation with Parker, adding, "If you're inclined to be looking back on your lives at all...or are you still looking forward?"

"I would have sort of imagined that those women have only interest in looking ahead, while being informed by the past," Parker responded. "And in a way, maybe that would be the best for all of us—living people, nonfictional as well!"

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