Sarah Thomas, Referee, Becomes First Woman to Officiate College Football Bowl Game

Sarah Thomas is making history. The Mississippi mother of two is a referee, and she was a line judge at the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl today -- making her the first woman to ever officiate a college football bowl game. According to, Thomas is the only female referee in major college football, and she earned her spot by being one of the highest-rated officials in her first season.

Sarah Thomas made history at the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl today (
The 36-year-old said, "It was a little uncomfortable at first because you don't really want to make it a big deal, but my husband kept telling me that it's something I should embrace because it's helping open a door that little girls probably thought was forever shut for them."

She added, "Playing football requires so much mental focus that I really don't think a lot of the players even realized that a woman is on the field. They don't pay attention to who's making the calls. They're only concentrating on if they got the call right. And that's how it should be. It should only be about working hard to do the job properly."