Top 10 Scary Commercials

Top 10 Scariest Commercials of All Time

10. Hillary Clinton's 3:00 am Phone Call
Evil politics, but also scary.

9. Mr Yuk
It's the sound track that really freaks me out on this one.

8. Meet Ronald McDonald
This is old school, but it's kinda scary to think that this ran on national TV.

7. Wendy's "Where's the Beef"
Genius, but SCARY when you watch it again.

6. Johnny Smoke
Hello Johnny Smoke, hello lung cancer.
5. IT Trailer
Stephen King is one scary dude, and I still can't look at circus clowns without shivering.

4. Why Sport?
This is one of my favorite Nike commercials. Love the chainsaw.

3. Winston Cigarettes

I can't decide if I'm frightened by the fact that Winston used the Flinstones to sell cigarettes to kids, or if I'm just pissed off about the fact that the Fred is so misogynistic in the video.

2. The Original Amityville Horror Trailer
This movie is just so darn scary, I love it. The trailer starts off all happy and then gets super creepy.

1. Anorexia Kills
Don't watch this, it is too creepy.
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