Scene Hairstyles: The New Emo Frontier

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I don't know all that much about Scene Kids, but I can also bet there's some contingent out there that would be furious to be labeled Emo.  Maybe I'm making some terrible Scene mistake by grouping the two concepts, but to those of us nearing a quarter-life crisis Emo Hairstyles and Scene Hairstyles are essentially the same thing.  I just seem to like the Scene Hairstyles a lot more.

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Most Scene hairstyles looks gloriously difficult to keep up.  They're all about height and volume, bright color and contrast.

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To pull off any of these looks, you need fairly long hair, some sort of styling wax, and an open mind.  Most of the long-haired looks involve serious teasing around the scalp.

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You don't need crazy color for a sweet scene hairstyle, but it definitely helps.  If you're not willing to go the semi-permanent or permanent route with punk/emo/rock staple Manic Panic, then consider a washable streaking gel like Streekers.

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The cool thing about Scene Hairstyles is it's pretty hard to go wrong, if you're willing to go the distance.  If a look falls flat, then just keep teasing.  If you don't have the right texture for the look, lather on more hair wax.  You can't go wrong with too much product because oiliness could be considered extra scene cool.

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Scene hairstyles are limited to girls, either.  There are SceneBoys, too, who also sport styles with a lot of volume, color, and angularity.  Again, for a sweet scene hairstyle, just go into your styling session with an open mind, and you should be able to achieve the desired effect.


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