Listen Up, '90s Kids: Mary-Kate And Ashley Movies Are Coming To Hulu

Hulu is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Classic Mary-Kate and Ashley Movies Are Coming To Hulu
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Hulu truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

After blessing us with the nostalgia-fueled series, PEN15, the streaming site is back with a slate of offerings that will take you back to your childhood. This time around, instead of releasing an original series, a handful of old-school Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies will be available for your viewing pleasure come May.

Remember when the world's most famous twins (sorry, Sprouse brothers) dominated the direct-to-video circuit? Well, starting next month, you'll get to enjoy some of those classics on repeat. No longer will you have to dust off your old VHS tapes — you'll soon have the power to stream them directly to your living room TV on Hulu.

The site will release Passport to Paris, Switching Goals, and Billboard Dad. We're crossing our fingers It Takes Two, Holiday in the Sun, and Our Lips Are Sealed will also make it to the streaming platform, but we'll take what we can get for now. 

In case you forgot what these movies are all about (we get it, they were released decades ago) allow us to give you a quick refresher:

Passport to Paris features the twins as two boy crazy teenagers who head to Paris for spring break. Their plan is to broaden their horizons and bond with their grandfather, who just happens to be the US ambassador to France. Unfortunately, their grandpop is too busy to tend to them, so they're stuck with his uptight assistant, Jeremy, whose idea of a fabulous time is dining out at stuffy restaurants. Being the cheeky duo they are, the two manage to ditch Jeremy and explore the city of love on their own, and before long, they fall in love with French boys on Vespas. Spoiler alert: Passport to Paris marked the first time the Olsen twins kissed their love interests onscreen!

Meanwhile, Switching Goals is Bend It Like Beckham meets Parent Trap. Mary-Kate plays Sam, a star athlete, and Ashley stars as Emma, a self-professed girly girl who wants to be better at playing sports. Their mom pressures their dad (one of the soccer coaches) to recruit Emma to their team, but right as Emma joins, Sam is drafted into the opposing soccer team — one that hasn't won in years. Feeling frustrated, the girls decide to switch teams in secret so Sam can play with her original team and impress their dad by posing as Emma, and Emma can play without the added pressure. While this seems like the perfect setup, a lot can go wrong on the field.

Last but not least (and arguably the best of the three) is Billboard Dad, in which the twins play matchmaker for their widowed father. Since a Tinder account was out of the question at the time (Billboard Dad was released in 1998) the girls print a giant personal ad on a billboard for the whole city to see. The result? Chaos.

Get ready to reunite with Mary-Kate and Ashley when these movies hit Hulu on May 1.

What other Olsen twins movies would you like Hulu to include in their collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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