Here's Why Julie Andrews Will Not Cameo In 'Mary Poppins Returns'

Respect is a powerful thing.

Why Isn't Julie Andrews In 'Mary Poppins Returns'?

Much has been said about the highly-anticipated sequel Mary Poppins Returns, which hits theaters Dec. 19. Emily Blunt is set to fill the role of the iconic, umbrella-wielding nanny. With regards to the Julie Andrews stamp of approval, we all know she's fully on board with Blunt's casting. But the bigger question is whether Andrews will cameo in the sequel. The answer is quite simply, no. 

While Dick Van Dyke will cameo in the followup to the classic 1964 movie musical, Andrews will not, despite being offered a role in the film. 

"She immediately said no," director Rob Marshall revealed at the Mary Poppins Returns premiere. "She said, 'This is Emily’s show and I want her to run with this. She should run with this. This is hers. I don’t want to be on top of that.'" 

Blunt also revealed Andrews's altruistic intentions for not appearing in the upcoming film in a recent interview with Variety"There was discussion about, you know, that maybe she would come and do a bit in the movie and she was so generous actually," Blunt added. "She said to Rob, 'Do you know what this is? This is Emily's version of her and I don’t want it to be that she’s playing Mary Poppins the whole way through but then I come in and there's like oh, but there's the real Mary Poppins, you know?'”

Julie Andrews, class act. 

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