Robert Pattinson Is a Long Way from 'Twilight' Territory for His New Film 'The Rover'

(Photo: Getty Images | Matt Nettheim va EW)

It's going to take a lot more than the end of the Twilight Saga for Robert Pattinson to distance himself from the role of Edward, the pouty, pale, angst-ridden vampire with an affinity for girls who obsessively touch their hair and bite their lip. But good start at avoiding typecasting is to take on films that do just the opposite, which may explain why he signed up for The Rover.

The Rover, a near-future Western set in the Australian Outack, follows Guy Pearce as Eric, a man who gets a case of the bloodlust after a band of criminals steals his last possession. There's a real odd couple twist when he's forced to enlist the help of one of the gang's own, a naive young Rey (Pattinson). From the looks of the first image from the film, courtesy of EW, it's gonna a be a gritty, brutal partnership.

The Rover is directed by David Michod, whose debut with Animal Kingdom was an underrated masterpiece of a crime thriller. It opens later this year.
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