Anne Hathaway Is Doing a Movie That's a Cross Between 'Godzilla' and 'Lost in Translation'

She'll play a woman with an inexplicable connection to a giant lizard monster.

Anne Hathaway Is Doing a Movie That's a Cross Between 'Godzilla' and 'Lost in Translation'
Toho Films | Getty Images | Focus Features

The latest news out of the Cannes Film Festival includes a very interesting-sounding project for Anne Hathaway. She'll be starring in a movie called Colossal that's being described as a cross between Godzilla and Lost in Translation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Anne will play a woman whose life in New York implodes. After losing her job and fiancé she travels back home. But when news breaks that a giant lizard is destroying Tokyo, she finds she can influence the events with the power of her mind.

If you're wondering why she's doing such a strange-sounding project, it's being directed by up-and-coming Spanish indie filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo. Vigalondo made waves with the sci-fi horror indie Timecrimes in 2011, and most recently directed Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey in the techno-stalker-thriller Open Windows.

"Colossal is my most ambitious script so far, and probably also the most personal one," Vigalondo said. "Having Anne and this terrific team around goes beyond my craziest expectations."

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