The Oscars Has No Host For The First Time In 30 Years — Here Are 12 Celebs Who Volunteered

Quite a few stars volunteered for the gig, so why doesn't the Oscars have a host this year?


For the first time in three decades, the most prestigious awards show in Hollywood has no host.

The 91st Academy Awards tapped comedian Kevin Hart to take the stage, but things got ugly after a series of his old homophobic tweets resurfaced. Hart went on an "apology tour," but eventually announced he was stepping down from the gig.

The show's producers failed to hire a replacement, probably because hosting the Oscars is infamously known as the "least wanted job in Hollywood." Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock once said it's a "thankless" job.

"It’s a thankless job. No matter who does it. You get excited and then by the end they’re like, ‘It was long.’ You’re meant to make fun of people. It’s always going to go long," she said. "Book the Oscars for four and a half hours and let it be. And if it ends early, fantastic, have a backup."

John Legend echoed her. "Nobody really wins from hosting the Oscars," the singer told the Hollywood Reporter. "It doesn’t really end up great for anybody."

Even so, this doesn't mean no one wanted the gig. Read on to see a list of stars who volunteered.

1. Whoopi Goldberg


EGOT holder Whoopi Goldberg has hosted the event four times. During an episode of The View, the actress said she thinks airing the show with no host is a "dumb idea," and that if given the chance, she would have no problem taking the stage for the fifth time. The only thing holding her back is that the show is "problematic."

"Half of the country sometimes is really mad at me. The other half is O.K. until tomorrow, and then they’re pissed at me!" she explained.

During an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, she nominated Crazy Rich Asians actor Ken Jeong for the job. "He would be brilliant," she said. "And it would also constitute the first Asian-American to host the Oscars."

2. Ken Jeong


And Jeong was up for it! During a segment on Late Night With Seth Meyersthe comedian said hosting the Oscars is one of his goals — something he wants "so bad."

"If I do not become the host of the Oscars, I will consider not only my career but my life a failure," he said.

3. Awkwafina


Speaking of potential Asian-American Oscar hosts, another Crazy Rich Asian expressed interest in the job: Awkwafina. During a red carpet interview with Accessthe actress said she's just waiting for "the call."

"If they give me the call, I would do it," she said. "Sure, why not! It's the Oscars!"

It looks like she never got a ring, but Awkwafina is slated to present an award this year.

4. Nick Kroll and John Mulaney

The comedy duo joked on Twitter that their alter egos, George and Gil, were tapped to host the Oscars. A lot of fans got their hopes up and were upset when they eventually realized it was nothing but good ol' prank.

5. Busy Philipps


Philipps wanted to host the Oscars so badly she tweeted her interest in the gig four times. The star even presented her case during her late-night talk show, Busy Tonight, in a bid to catch The Academy's attention.

6. Rob Lowe


The Oscars hasn't gone without a host since 1989. That night, Rob Lowe embarrassed himself with a horrific opening performance with Snow White. This year, he wanted redemption — but only if The Academy let him do it as his character in Behind the Candelabra.

7. Patton Oswalt


Author Stephen King declared on Twitter that he would love to see Patton Oswalt take the Oscars stage. When TMZ asked Oswalt if he was in, he said "of course" — but not right now. He said he would much rather The Academy hire someone like Tiffany Haddish or Billy Eichner.

He also penned a lengthy Facebook post on the matter.

"When I hosted the WGA Awards last year, I pleaded during my opening monologue that NEXT year’s WGA Awards needed to be a woman or POC or LGBTQ or all three or ANYTHING but another straight white male," he wrote. "Us straight white males, despite what certain Twitter accounts say, are doing fine."

8. Tom Green


Tom Green, who just finished a stint on Celebrity Big Brother, took to Twitter to volunteer as tribute, err, Oscars host.

9. Bruce Campbell


Actor Bruce Campbell offered something irresistible. He said if he were to host, the Oscars would finally finish on time!

10. Scott Patterson


Luke? As Oscars host? Well, why not? The Gilmore Girls star relied on his Twitter followers to back up his campaign.

11. Rhea Butcher


Even before Hart was ousted, stand-up comedienne Rhea Butcher volunteered to host. She even had outfits planned.

12. Megan Amram


The Good Place writer Megan Amram wants an Emmy (she even has a web series called An Emmy for Megan). Maybe hosting the show would qualify her for a nomination?

Interested to see how this year's Oscars will go without a host? The 91st Academy Awards will air live Sunday, Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. You can also live stream the event at, on the ABC app, and via other streaming services like Hulu Live TV, YouTube Live, PlayStation Vue, and DirecTV Now.

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