The 'Game of Thrones' Venn Diagram of Hate-Ability

People don't survive in Westeros by being nice. Nice people get unexpectedly stabbed in the stomach. That's just how it works in the Game of Thrones universe. Which is why so many of the GoT characters range from difficult to downright evil. Just about everyone on the show has an unflattering, unlikeable side to their personality, so we decided to map those qualities in Venn diagram fashion.

Welcome to the "Game of Thrones Hate-Ability Index." (Click to enlarge)
More than 30 of the show's most iconic characters — some still with us, others dead and buried (RIP) — plotted in four sections of hate-able characteristics: Brooding/Petulant, Entitled, Shady/Sociopathic, and Stubborn/Prideful. (Naturally Joffrey gets center square territory because Joffrey is THE WORST.)

Let us know in the comments where your favorite character lands on the Hate-Ability Index and whether or not you agree with the assessment. And don't forget to enter our Game of Thrones Geek Den contest before the season 4 premiere this Sunday, April 6.

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