All Signs Point Toward Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Getting Back Together

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InstagramTwo very famous exes were Segwaying around Calabasas today and that can only mean one thing: LOVE. Yes, that's right — Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were out joyriding today, leading everyone to believe they're back together (though they rode separate Segways). Sleuthy spies in Calabasas snapped pictures of the reunited love birds on their motorized scooters Thursday afternoon and, obviously, put the snapshots on Twitter for Beliebers to weep over see. They weren't holding...Read Full Story

Pop Star Predictions for 2014

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(Getty Images)It was a year of change for many of pop's biggest stars in 2013, with a number of teen-oriented performers shedding their squeaky clean images, pop divas continuing to find inventive ways to shed their clothes, and Beyoncé breaking the music marketing machine seemingly overnight. Exciting stuff — but what's in store for the heavy hitters in the coming year? We have some ideas.Miley CyrusAt this point, there's very little Miley could do that would actually shock anyone. As the...Read Full Story

Is This the Real Reason Selena Gomez is Taking Some Time Off From Touring?

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Getty ImagesThere's already been plenty of speculation about why Selena Gomez canceled the Australian leg of her tour — low ticket sales, hopes of reconciliation with Justin Bieber, family issues, etc. etc. But now there's a new rumor out there: Gomez is battling Lupus. According to sources who probably know everything, the 21-year-old was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease a few years ago and has been coping with "flares” recently. These flares can cause facial swelling, extreme fatigue...Read Full Story

Selena Gomez's Tour Cancellation Brings Out the Conspiracy Theorists

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(Getty Images) On Thursday, Selena Gomez sent her Australian and Asian fans into panic mode when she abruptly announced the cancellation of the last leg of her Stars Dance tour. Though Gomez was only slated for five performances in Australia for the first week of February, she explained in an official statement that she just needed a break."My fans are so important to me and I would never want to disappoint them. But it has become clear to me and those close to me that after many years of...Read Full Story

Vote: Selfie Showdown of the Week

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The "selfie" has become part of the pop culture lexicon, and for celebrities mastering the art of social media, posting them is part of building their brands. Which is to say, a selfie is just another form of self promotion. So who's doing it best this week? We've scoured Instagram and Twitter to find the contenders for the best selfie in this week's Selfie Showdown. Heidi KlumLindsay LohanSelena GomezTyra BanksKendall JennerJustin BieberLady GagaJaime KingRihanna VOTERead Full Story

WATCH: Selena Gomez Gets Her Dance on With 'Slow Down' on 'The X Factor'

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If you didn't tune in to Thursday night's episode of The X Factor, we won't spoil any of the drama for you — but be sure to check out Selena Gomez's performance of her club track "Slow Down." Gomez gave it her all, blasting through complicated choreography the entire time (check out her facial expressions when she's not singing... the cutest). The performance was pre-recorded and edited, but it's clear that Gomez is coming into her own with the whole "singing live" thing. Being on the road...Read Full Story

WATCH: Selena Gomez Gets Artsy in a Bad Wig in Flaunt's Short Film 'Searching'

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(YouTube) Selena Gomez needs neither a latex bikini nor a foam finger to establish herself as a full-fledged adult. She does her best with a bad wig and a vacant stare in Flaunt magazine's new short film "Searching," in which she looks alternately drugged and morose alongside a very handsome co-star (look away, Justin Bieber, look away)."Searching" is a visual complement to Flaunt's profile on the actress, in which she argued that it's anti-feminist to ever criticize other women for not...Read Full Story

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato Celebrate 14 Years of Friendship With a Selfie

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(Instagram)According to Disney lore, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have been friends since before they became castmates on Barney and Friends when they were little ones — since the day they met in line for the audition, in fact. Though the pair aren't frequently spotted together these days, both stars insist that they'll always care about each other. On Thursday, Selena shared a snap of them hanging out in what appears to be a dressing room with the caption, "It's just the evidence of...Read Full Story

Justin Bieber Releases Yet Another Breakup Song That Is Probably About Selena Gomez

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It's not too hard to guess the inspiration behind the string of R&B tracks Justin Bieber has released on the regular as part of his "#MusicMonday" campaign. Every single song is a breakup tune, the most recent being "Bad Day," in which Justin confesses to having screwed up but insists, "But I didn’t think you would let me down that easy (oh no, girl) / And I didn’t think it was over / Until you walked away / Like it was nothing, girl."It also includes the line, "Now I’m like, 'wow.'""There...Read Full Story

Selena Gomez Is Determined to Be Teen Pop's Classiest Superstar

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(Getty Images)A few weeks ago, Selena Gomez took a moment mid-concert on her Stars Dance tour to thank the audience for "trusting her," loudly proclaiming, "One thing that I think is sexy is class." It seemed a surprisingly pointed comment on her pop peers' antics. Now, in a cover interview with Teen Vogue (via NY Daily News) Gomez insists that rebellion just isn't her thing. "You fall in love and it completely consumes you, so a part of you is broken when that's gone," Selena, who...Read Full Story