Shaniya Davis Funeral Open to the Public Sunday

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Shaniya Davis' funeral will be held Sunday and open to members of the community who want to pay their respects to the little girl whose life was taken too soon, and her father Bradley Lockhart. The event in memorial of the 5-year-old girl will be held at 3pm November 22 at Manna Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The body of the little girl was found alongside a North Carolina highway earlier this week, after the girl had been missing nearly a week. Mario Andrette McNeill had...Read Full Story

Mario Andrette McNeill Photos with Shaniya Davis

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Mario Andrette McNeill is still in custody and considered a suspect in the disappearance and subsequent death of 5-year-old South Carolina girl Shaniya Davis. Mario Andrette McNeill was the last person seen with the girl. Still photos taken from surveillance cameras show McNeill carrying Shaniya through a hotel nearly 30 miles from where she disappeared. Police were alerted to Shaniya's presence after she was recognized by a hotel clerk, but she and McNeill had both left by the time...Read Full Story

Shaniya Davis Found Dead Along Highway in North Carolina

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Shaniya Davis' body was found alongside a North Carolina highway near her hometown, sources said this morning. The 5-year-old had been missing almost a week. Her mother, 25-year-old Antoinette Nicole Davis was due in court today after she was charged with human trafficking and child prostitution this weekend. Police spokesperson Theresa Chance said there had been tips about sightings of the little girl alive, but her body was found along Interstate 87. She was last seen with Mario...Read Full Story

Shaniya Davis' Mom Antoinette Nicole Davis Arrested for Human Trafficking

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Bradley Lockhart and Antoinette Nicole Davis' 5-year-old daughter Shaniya Davis has been missing from North Carolina since November 10, and the shocking new twist in the devastating story is that the girl's mother has just been charged with human trafficking, felony child abuse, prostitution and filing a false police report, according to It is unclear if the charges are related to Shaniya's disappearance. Mario Andrette McNeill was arrested last week and was charged with the...Read Full Story

Shaniya Davis Still Missing, Mario Andrette McNeill Claims He's Kidnapper

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Shaniya Davis, 5, disappeared from her home at a North Carolina mobile home park 3 days ago, and she's still missing, even though Mario Andrette McNeill, 29, has confessed to kidnapping her. Police have released former suspect Clarence Coe, who they arrested initially. Even though McNeill admitted to taking the child, his attorney said he would plead not guilty to the kidnapping. The attorney would not comment on if there was a connection between him and the girl and her family.Police...Read Full Story

Shaniya Davis, 5, Still Missing After Clarence Coe Arrested for Alleged Kidnapping

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Shaniya Davis, 5, was reportedly taken from her home in a mobile home park Tuesday around 7am, and she's still missing -- even though authorities believe they have taken her kidnapper, Clarence Coe, into custody. The 30-year-old was arrested last night on kidnapping charges and it is unclear if the suspect knew the little girl or not. Police say the girl disappeared from her home early Tuesday, and her mother claims she last saw the girl around 5:30am. Shaniya's mom, her boyfriend, and 3...Read Full Story