Sherwin Shayegan Accused of Demanding Piggy Back Rides From High School Athletes

According to multiple reports, Sherwin Shayegan may be one of the strangest criminals we've ever written about. The Bonney Lake, Washington man turned himself into to police last night, after being charged with fourth-degree sexual assault. According to police, Shayegan lured a high-school athlete into a library, saying he wanted to interview him for a term paper.

Sherwin Shayegan seems to have a thing for high-school athletes. (
The student noticed that Shayegan was behaving strangely, and attempted to leave. At that point, Shayegan is accused of jumping on the student's back and demanding a piggy back ride.

It's not the first time that Shayegan has done this, apparently. According to police, he's done this to students in Ellensburg, Bellingham and Centralia. His usual MO is to approach a high-school student athlete, saying he wants to interview them for a school paper. When they agree, Sahyegan asks them bizarre questions such as "Have you crapped your pants?" or "Looked at other boys in the shower?"

When the students, understandably freaked out, try to leave, he will then offer cash, before shouting that it is "time for a piggy back ride!" and attempting to jump on the student's back.
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