Shirley Sherrod Says She Was Forced to Resign

Shirley Sherrod resigned from her post with the White House Department of Agriculture today, after comments she made at an NAACP banquet in March caused some controversy. Now, she's claiming it was the White House who forced to her to resign.

Shirley Sherrod (CBS News)
According to CBS News, Sherrod's comments at the banquet insinuated that she'd descriminated against a white farmer while she was working for the USDA. But they were apparently taken out of context, since the incident in question occurred far before she worked for the USDA.

Sherrod also says that a video excerpt of the comments left out the part about how she later became good friends with the farmer.

Sherrod resigned today, but she says she got a call from someone in the White House yesterday asking her to do it. She said, "They called me twice. The last time they asked me to pull over the side of the road and submit my resignation on my Blackberry, and that's what I did."

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has said he was responsible for her resignation, and the White House denies it contributed to his decision.