Sienna Miller Lashes Out at Radio Host

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Getty ImagesDon't ask Sienna Miller about Balthazar Getty. A radio presenter made that mistake yesterday when Sienna appeared on the Australian Matt & Jo show to promote her new film G.I. Joe. Host Adam Richard began by asking Miller's costar Rachel Nichols about working with Getty on Alias, but then coyly asked Sienna if she knew the actor -- which, considering the many scandalous pictures of the couple that surfaced while Getty was still married, seems like a no-brainer.And apparently...Read Full Story

Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty Back Together?

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Photo Agency; Getty Images DON'T MISS Sienna Miller Calls It Quits with Balthazar Getty Sienna Admits She's Done Dumb Things Sienna Admits She Doesn't Really Design Her Collection Sienna Miller's love life is harder to keep track of than Paris Hilton's cell phone. Just a month after she supposedly ended her scandalous affair with Balthazar Getty because "there was too much baggage and she couldn’t commit to anything more than a few months," the two were spotted on a romantic holiday in...Read Full Story

Sienna Miller Admits She's Done Dumb Things

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Sienna Miller, 27, is more famous for her love life than for any of her major film roles - but she's trying to change that. The actress plays a vixen villainness in the upcoming G.I. Joe film, and has signed on for her debut Broadway role in After Miss Julie, which opens in October.Still, Miller is well-aware of the reputation she's battling. In an interview with Vogue, she admits: "It's pretty bad. On the whole, you know, I've made some bad choices and done some stupid things."Here are some...Read Full Story

Sienna Miller Sparkles in Twenty8Twelve at the MTV Movie Awards

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Getty Images.British actress Sienna Miller is probably hoping that this summer, she can ditch that pesky "homewrecker" label she caught sometime last year (presumably after her affair with married dad of many Balthazar Getty went public). She is working, after all; her next big flick, G.I. Joe, hits theaters in just a few months.Sienna looked her best at the MTV Movie Awards in a teal Twenty8Twelve dress (her sister is the label's designer, while Sienna offers creative input). She paired it...Read Full Story

Sienna Miller Calls It Quits With Balthazar Getty, Rebounds With Josh Hartnett

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Balthazar Getty via Getty Images; Sienna Miller and Josh Hartnett via Photo Agency DON'T MISS Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty Affair Heats Up Sienna Miller Freaks Out at Malibu Gas Station Josh Hartnett Sues 'Daily Mail' Over Security Camera Story Shocking news: True love died between Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty. The two are officially over, according to the UK's Mirror, where a friend revealed: "Sienna loved being with Balthazar but there was too much baggage and she couldn’t...Read Full Story

Sienna Miller Admits She Doesn't Really Design Her Collection

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Getty Images.Sienna Miller recently founded a fashion line with her sister, Savannah, called Twenty8Twelve. Despite the economic crisis, the line has been picked up by a lot of big-name retailers - but Sienna doesn't want to take credit for the label's success.Sienna admitted to that her sister is in charge of the heavy-duty design: My sister's the sketcher. I can barely draw a stick man, let alone a frock. I'll say, you know, can we get a top and make it that crinkly material? And...Read Full Story

Sienna Miller's House Vandalized

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Things just keep getting worse for Sienna Miller.   The starlet's North London home was vandalized earlier this week when someone with a misguided taste for vengeance spray-painted the word "Slut" on a brick wall. Image linked from Dlisted. Sienna Miller swarmed at a Malibu gas station.  Flynet Pictures.Why is Sienna getting so much ire for her relationship with married actor/heir Balthazar Getty?  My guess is it has something to do with the fact that he has kids.  Angelina Jolie got some...Read Full Story

Sienna Miller Freaks Out at Malibu Gas Station

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Trendy starlet and homewrecker Sienna Miller was close to tears Monday when she found herself surrounded by paparazzi at a Malibu gas station. Aw, poor Sienna. Not liking all the negative attention these days? Here's a tip: don't mess around with married men, even if you convince yourself they're not happy in their marriages. The paparazzi will undoubtedly feast on you.Sienna's been seen cavorting around the globe with billionaire heir/Brothers and Sisters actor Balthazar Getty. He has three...Read Full Story

Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty Affair Heats Up

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You'd think after going through a very public breakup involving your fiance cheating on you with his nanny, you'd stray away from playing the role of "the other woman." Not Sienna Miller .Miller has taken the roll of home wrecker to an all new level by flaunting her affair with married actor Balthazar Getty. Photos of Miller and Getty on the balcony of an Italian hotel room have surfaced, with the actress wearing nothing. Well, let's give her some credit, she was wearing an extremely tacky...Read Full Story

Pictures of Sienna Miller Naked

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Some camera man out there wins the paparazzi prize this week for capturing pics of Sienna Miller naked, filming her next movie "Hippie Hippie Shake"The nude pictures of Sienna Miller are circulating the Internet like wildfire.  You can check them out here:  Careful...these are graphic images...Egotastic: Sienna Miller Naked Pics Sienna Miller NuditySienna Miller Nude The Egotastic Pics cover up some of the private parts... Picture Source: EgotasticRead Full Story