Simon Cowell Will Return to TV as an 'America's Got Talent' Judge

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The king of mean will be replacing Howard Stern. Read Full Story

Angelina Jolie Thought She'd Be Alone Forever

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Getty ImagesToday in juicy celebrity news: Angelina Jolie never thought she'd be a mom or a wife, Simon Cowell's baby looks just like him, Julia Roberts talks about George Clooney's engagement, and more...Angelina Jolie Talks Marriage and Kids Getting married and having kids was never really part of Angelina Jolie's plan, she says, which is kind of hard to believe given the fact that she's been married twice, is currently engaged to Brad Pitt, and has six kids. But she told Elle magazine: "I...Read Full Story

The First Pictures of Simon Cowell Holding His Son Might Make You Cry

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Simon Cowell made people cry on television for a living, but now the harsh TV talent show judge is making us a little weepy for a very different reason: He's a new dad and it's adorable. And Simon Cowell is never adorable. Cowell welcomed son Eric — named after his late father — on Valentine's Day and just shared the first snapshots of the little bundle of joy, proving he's not such a grinch after all. Just try not to get a little choked up looking at the loving shots he posted on Twitter...Read Full Story

How Fitting: Simon Cowell Becomes a Dad on Valentine's Day

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Bauer GriffinWhen you think of love and pink candy hearts, Simon Cowell is probably the last celebrity who comes to mind. But, you can bet the TV talent show judge will be celebrating Valentine's Day every year for the rest of his life now, since his first child came into the world today.That's right, Simon Cowell is officially a dad. Of a human baby. His girlfriend Lauren Silverman gave birth to a baby boy at 5:45pm in New York. The little bundle of joy's name hasn't been released, but he...Read Full Story

So This Is What Simon Cowell Would Look Like as a Sloth

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Demi Lovato's Twitter account is a lot tamer than some of her pop contemporaries' (ahem, Miley), but it's filled with gems — most of them relating to her regular gig on The X Factor. Lovato has made an art out of posting embarrassing photos of her boss Simon Cowell, much to his chagrin.On Wednesday, Lovato retweeted this image of "Sloth Simon Cowell" as imagined by the Twitter account Celebrity Sloth (@SlothCelebrity) with the words "Yepp. Looks about right... What do you think @SimonCowell...Read Full Story

Watch Simon Cowell Sing the 'Power Rangers' Theme Song for $1 Million

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Simon Cowell is definitely the grumpiest of reality TV judges, but he was a darn good sport this week at a charity event. On Tuesday, Cowell was at the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces event when the creator of the fantastic '90s show Power Rangers offered to donate a whopping $1 million to the cause — if Cowell sang the theme song to the show. Anyway, Cowell sang a few bars of "Go Go Power Rangers" and then got roped into donating an additional $250,000 of his own fortune. That's like...Read Full Story

Simon Cowell's House Was TP'd for His '87th Birthday'

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Getty ImagesSimon Cowell probably had a nice relaxing morning today, his 54th birthday, until he went outside. There, he would've found a giant sign — incorrectly wishing him a happy "87th birthday" — and rolls of TP in his trees. Who would've done such a thing? Five wild 'n crazy ladies, that's who. The gals from Fifth Harmony, the girl band Cowell signed to a record deal after they were on X Factor last season, proudly signed the giant banner they left at his house. Apparently they...Read Full Story

Today's Best GIF: Demi Lovato Twerks on Simon Cowell

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(FOX)Not too long ago, Demi Lovato declared that she was officially over the "twerking" trend on Twitter, writing, "Can the world stop talking about twerking please?"The ex-Disney star quickly clarified that she wasn't trying to shade her pal Miley Cyrus, who is perhaps the world's most twerker — she's just sick of the move: "Don't even try to start that crap. Haha... the term twerking just needs to disappear like the word swag does too."But that doesn't mean she's above doing it. At least...Read Full Story

Simon Cowell Finally Steps Out with His Baby Mama

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(Photo: Pacific Coast News | Bauer Griffin)Simon Cowell is going to be a dad, which is great news for him... except the induction to parenthood comes with a side of adultery. Not exactly a Leave It to Beaver type situation.See, Cowell happened to get his buddy's wife pregnant, resulting in a rather complicated situation. Now, as the former Idol judge prepares for first-time fatherhood, he's dealing with the loss of a close friend and his baby-mama's inevitable divorce seeing as how she's made...Read Full Story

Simon Cowell Is Already Screwing Over His Unborn Son

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(Photo: Getty)If you haven't been keeping up with the details of Simon Cowell's personal affairs (literally), first, congratulations of having a life, second, you may not know that the man behind American Idol and X Factor is about to be a dad, and that news is not without some drama. Never mind the fact that his surprise parentage comes by way of getting his buddy's wife pregnant, Cowell's future son is already getting bad news and he's not even out of the womb yet. In an interview with...Read Full Story