So This Is What Simon Cowell Would Look Like as a Sloth

Demi Lovato's Twitter account is a lot tamer than some of her pop contemporaries' (ahem, Miley), but it's filled with gems — most of them relating to her regular gig on The X Factor. Lovato has made an art out of posting embarrassing photos of her boss Simon Cowell, much to his chagrin.

On Wednesday, Lovato retweeted this image of "Sloth Simon Cowell" as imagined by the Twitter account Celebrity Sloth (@SlothCelebrity) with the words "Yepp. Looks about right... What do you think @SimonCowell??"

Cowell, who last week treated his Twitter followers to several shots of his Yorkshire Terrier puppies Squiddly and Diddly, has yet to comment... perhaps because he knows it's spot on.

For more celebrities as sloths, be sure to check out this Twitter timeline.
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