Skip-Dawg Drops Olympic Tribute to Brendan Hansen

If the question is "Are you fucking kidding me?," the answer, in this case, is most certainly no. Meet Skip-Dawg, the world's first swimmer/rapper.

He's penned a song for Olympic breast stroker Brendan Hansen and even made a video. It's pretty genius, actually. If you want to get some exposure for your new album and you're a virtually unknown rapper, hell, write about someone famous that you actually know. We're hoping his song, "We Will Rise," will get air time during the coverage of Olympic swimming.

I caught up with Skip-Dawg and got to the heart of matters.

Zimbio: Are you a rapper or a swimmer first?
Skip-Dawg: I was a swimmer and diver all my life and through college but now I’m a full-time rapper and tutor.

Zimbio: What's the greatest thing to ever happen to music?
Skip-Dawg: Probably the project I just released – the full length Skip-Dawg album “We Will Rise” which was executive produced by Beatgods of Interscope Records.  Working with him on this project has been a huge opportunity for me.

Zimbio: What is/was your event? Do you still swim?
Skip-Dawg: I swam sprint freestyle but was more of a diver (Springboard, 1 and 3 Meter).  I still swim but not competitively.

Zimbio: How well do you know Brendan?

Skip-Dawg: I’ve known Brendan and his family since we were pretty young.  I used to swim on the same team as the Hansens during the winters, but on opposing teams in the summers.  It’s been surreal to watch Brendan go from being a six year old kid breaking records in summer league swimming to where he is now.

Zimbio: Who do you want to party with most?
Skip-Dawg: Amanda Beard.

Zimbio: If asked to play at the Olympic closing ceremony, what would you wear? Describe your stage show in detail.
Skip-Dawg: I would definitely have to bust out the Skip-Dawg American flag swim cap at some point.  As for the stage show, I would bring every rapper I know from Philly and take over Beijing with fireworks, acrobats, and an on-stage pool with some dolphins.  Nothing too outlandish though.

Skip-Dawg's Video: "We Will Rise"
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