Snoop Dogg & Larry King Make the Best News Team Ever

(Photo: YouTube)

On paper, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more disparate pair of people than Snoop Dogg and Larry King, but that's why life isn't lived on paper. In reality, these guys have a genuine affinity for each other. It's infectious. Just try not to be charmed by Larry's recent sit-down with Snoop on his YouTube show. These two were made to work together. The entire 12-minute segment is pure magic, but if you need more convincing, know this:

  • Larry utters the phrase "I'm gettin' bombed over here" as Snoop exhales a rip from his trusty blunt.
  • Snoop gets Larry to list his interests, which include "dinner," "reading," and "peanut butter... crunchy peanut butter."
  • Larry makes a rap video, of which he's unabashedly proud.
  • There's a weather segment that's actually just a girl in a bikini named Thunderclap who twerks it out in front of fake forecast.
  • They bond over an intense love of Honey Nut Cheerios.

These guys, just the greatest. How can Ryan Lochte get a show, but Snoop and the King are relegated to YouTube? Right this wrong, TV executives. I mean we just gave you a title.
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