Jimmy Kimmel Teases Miley Cyrus About Not Wearing Pants

Miley Cyrus paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, and naturally, she did so without pants. The lack of coverage didn't slip by Jimmy, who fortunately was very gracious about having so much pop star rear end on his beloved couch. Kimmel also grilled Cyrus on her "We Can't Stop" video, asking her to weigh in on certain shots — like that moment she made out with a Barbie in a pool. But Miley has explanations for everything.

In the second part of the interview, posted below, Miley talks about her friendship with Snoop, joking that they're both so stoned they're practically the same person.

Miley performed two songs, too — her current single "We Can't Stop" as well as her feature with will.i.am, "Fall Down." Interesting how Miley modifies the controversial lyric about "lines in the bathroom," eh?

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