The Songs of Summer 2013

(Hollywood Records | VEVO | YouTube | Illustration by Zimbio)As the season of crop tops and cutoffs winds to an end, it's becoming glaringly obvious which artist scored the definitive "Song of the Summer" this year: Robin Thicke, who somehow managed to upstage Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" with his panty-dropper "Blurred Lines."

But it seems unfair to give Mr. Thicke all the glory when there were so many memorable songs, including career-defining hits across a number of genres. Even if these songs weren't the soundtrack to your summer this year, you owe it to yourself to check them out.

Songs of Summer 2013: The Inescapable Pop Hits
It was a big summer for Pharrell, ex-child stars, and of course, ridiculously good looking people who know their way around a hook. How did "Blurred Lines" edge out "Get Lucky" for song of the summer? And which former Disney star made the most graceful transition to pop princess? Answers, here.

Songs of Summer 2013: Country Hits

Many of the best-ever summer songs are about kicking back and enjoying a beer or 12 with one's best friends, and there is no genre friendlier to a good ol' party than country. They've also got the breakup anthem down, too. Check out this summer's strongest showings.

Songs of Summer 2013: Hip-Hop and R&B Hits
It was a huge summer for hip-hop and R&B, with epic releases by industry giants Kanye West and Jay Z (and equally epic promotional plans) and the continued resurgence of the simple slow jam. See which songs smouldered, and take a look at a few tracks that got lost in the hype along the way.

Songs of Summer: Artists to Watch
Several of the artists featured are practically superstars already with massive, devoted followings, while others are flying just below the radar. But it wouldn't be too a big a surprise if any of them delivered a true summer anthem for 2014.

Songs of Summer: Alternative and Rock Hits
When it comes to nabbing a top alternative track in the United States, the trick, apparently, is patience. A great number of the summer's biggest alternative and rock hits were released years before they made any dents on the charts. Timing is everything — but sometimes, this means a long wait.
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