'Castle' Recap: All the Times We Thought We Knew Whodunit

(ABC)Tonight's Castle began with a dead guy laying in a puddle of blood on an apartment floor and a woman fleeing the scene by climbing down a fire escape just as the police arrive at the front door. It was clear there were going to be quite a few murder suspects in this episode. For one, because Castle always has it's share of ups and downs; and two, because the gun wielding lady running from the NYPD couldn't be the murderer, could she? So for this week's recap, here are all the times we thought we knew who done it.

Murder Suspect: Running Lady With Gun (aka Emma)

As I said, the show begins with a woman leaving a murder scene while carrying a gun. After escaping the apartment building, she runs down the street and is cornered by a bike cop and a police car. She looks behind her and enters the nearest office building, goes into a dental practice, and takes the five people inside hostage. So yeah... she definitely appears to be the murderer at this point.

We then find out that her name is Emma and that she only wants to talk to Castle, saying there's no hope of her releasing the hostages unless he comes inside. So Castle goes in wearing his “Writer” bullet-proof vest. I need to get me one of those.

Murder Suspect: Not Emma

Once inside, Castle gets to chatting with Emma and she says a lot of weird obsessive stuff about loving his books and also says, “I want you to prove my innocence.” She tells him that last night she went shopping for a birthday dress (this episode takes place on her b-day, by the way) because she knew that the dead guy, her boyfriend Angelo, was going to have a surprise for her-- hopefully a proposal. So she got home, drank a little Scotch as per usual, and the next morning Angelo was dead on her living room floor.

Murder Suspect: Emma

Meanwhile, Beckett — who has no job after last week's firing, but has been allowed to help out with this — is searching Emma's apartment. She finds two bottles of anti-psychotic meds and... OMG Emma is totally the murderer again because she's insane and thus doesn't remember anything.

Murder Suspect: Not Emma

Castle is still inside with Emma but she allows him to talk on the phone with Beckett whenever he wants, so that's pretty chill of her as a suspected-murderer-hostage-taker. Castle is down with Beckett's theory, but when he decides to look through Emma's texts he notices that she usually writes “<3 you” but last night she wrote “love you.” Someone else wrote the texts! Emma's not the murderer! Again! But we still don't know who is.

Murder Suspect: Oh man, It's Emma Again

Oh wait. Nevermind. Beckett's been doing more searching. She finds breaking and entering equipment along with a note saying something about “S.H.” in Angelo's car. She also finds out through sealed records that when she was a teenager Emma killed her foster brother the same way Angelo was killed — stabbing. Beckett tells Castle, “Emma has been playing you this whole time.” Emma guesses what Beckett told Castle and points a gun at his head. “She told you about Billy?” Okay. She's gotta be the murderer now.

Murder Suspect: Not Emma. Are You Kidding Me?

Emma doesn't shoot Castle, but instead explains to him that Billy and his twin, Warren, pulled a knife on her and he ended up being killed in self-defense (Or something... This was unclear). Warren is now in Sing-Sing for something entirely different, but he, like, totes could have framed the murder. “It wasn't me!” continues the story of the psychotic, gun toting lady.

During all of this, one of the hostages has been really rowdy and trying to secretly plan to take Emma's gun away. Suddenly, he jumps up and wrestles her, leading Emma to shoot Castle. Good thing he's wearing that vest. He “dots the 'I'” in “Writer” as he puts it.

Murder Suspect: One Of Emma's Birth Parents

Castle says he knows who the killer is because he's figured out that Angelo's breaking and entering tools were for use at Saint Helene's Orphanage, the S.H. from the note, and Angelo must have been stealing Emma's adoption papers as a surprise. I don't care if these two or innocent or not, when stolen adoption papers are a romantic surprise, you're in a rocky relationship. Castle suspects one of Emma's birth parents because they would frame her for murder of the one person with information on them if they didn't want to be found.

Murder Suspect: Some Lawyer Guy

But how would they know to stage it the same as the Billy murder? By bribing the guy who files the closed files, of course! Beckett questions this guy who says a lawyer, not one of Emma's parents, paid him to do it. Lawyer Guy is tracked down and he's all, “You can't ask me these things! I'm a big shot and I know the rules.”

Murder Suspect: Emma's Father

It is discovered the Emma's father is a wealthy real estate mogul with political aspirations-- just the type who would want to hide any trace of a secret illegitimate daughter from his past. When questioned, he literally says, “Do you know who I am?”

Murder Suspect: Lawyer Guy. Totally Lawyer Guy.

Emma's dad has no idea about any lawyer getting secret files for him and it turns out Laywer Guy is his son-in-law. And why would a wealthy man's son-in-law want to frame his secret daughter for murder? (Note: I literally had to stop writing there and think about this answer again because this show is so fast paced that I needed a breather.)  It's because... Emma's father is about to give a large sum of trust money to his legit daughter, Lawyer Guy's wife, and LG wouldn't want any psycho secret daughter showing up and demanding half. That's why!

Lawyer Guy did it. Case closed.

But not before Emma has a heartfelt reunion with her father. Then the father gets Beckett her job with the NYPD back because he's powerful like that and impressed with her detective skills even though she was just questioning him as a murder suspect like ten minutes ago! These people get over things fast!

What did you think of this episode? Are you glad Beckett's back with the NYPD? Can we just talk about why Emma had a gun on her at all times if she wasn't a murderer? Let us know what you think in the comments!