'Castle' Recap: The Top 10 Things Castle Should Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

(ABC)At the beginning of tonight's Castle, Beckett and Castle arrive at his apartment arms loaded with Thanksgiving dinner groceries. Ah, the classic Thanksgiving episode — a tradition just as important to the holiday as turkey and stuffing. It's only fitting then that tonight's top-10 be centered around the event as well. Here's the top 10 things Castle was thankful for in "The Good, The Bad, and The Baby." 

1. That Beckett Puts Up with His Bad Jokes
This episode began with a bloody man walking into a church and passing off a very cute, non-bloody baby to a priest before dying at his feet from gunshot wounds. This situation leads Castle to tell Beckett a literary-themed T.S. Eliot “Murder in the Cathedral” joke. He also tricks her into thinking his family wears costumes for Thanksgiving and we later get to see Castle change a diaper as if he's a surgeon and hear him call himself a “RHD” meaning “ridiculously handsome dad.” I hope he thanks Beckett for her patience at his Thanksgiving table.

2. That There's a Prison Tattoo Database
It turns out the bloody dead guy is Cam Ducane, a limo driver. A chat with his manager leads the case towards Jimmy “The Wolf” Wolfinsky, a man the manager says has a wolf tattoo on his forearm and who got into a late night argument with Cam. Jimmy could be the reason for Cam's mysterious death, but however can he be found? Well, if he was in prison then of course he'd be in the prison tattoo database. And he is. He was in prison for robbing a bank, but not getting away because his driver bailed. In his file there's a sketch of his getaway driver: Cam. PS: Cam's blood has been tested. He's not the baby's father and no one has come forward looking for the baby.

3. That Jimmy Happened to Be Walking Down The Street
Ryan and Esposito are just walking around and when Ryan goes in a store to buy lottery tickets (the jackpot is the highest it's ever been!), Espo just happens to see Jimmy strolling down the street. Espo takes him back to the station where he admits to knowing Cam, but learned his lesson and is just trying to get his life back together the way Cam has. They got in an argument simply because Cam didn't want to get him a job. Meanwhile, the baby is being cuddled and spoiled by Castle. Jimmy has no idea who the baby is. This actually is all true and pans out.

4. That Cam Worked for a Limo Company
The gang realizes that since Cam was a limo driver, they can pull the GPS information from his car. This shows that he's been practicing getaway routes from a building called Colfax which contains a TV station among other businesses. They also find surveillance footage from the alley behind Colfax showing Cam's car (his real car this time, not the limo) with him in the driver's seat and two men leaving the building with a briefcase. The head of security at Colfax swears that nothing's been stolen and that he's seen nothing strange at all. This guy is totally suspicious.

5. That Ryan And Esposito Stumble Across Some More Important Information
Ryan and Espo are again walking down the street — this time they're at least supposed to be in the area near the murder — when they spot a bullet hole in a newspaper dispenser. They look up and see a suspiciously broken window. Turns out this was the hideout for whoever shot Cam. There's blood on the wall that, tested, shows relation to the baby as well as a diaper! The baby was there!

6. That He's Able to Take the Baby Home
Castle really likes the baby, so when Child Protective Services says there's no foster families available, he jumps at the chance to take it home for the night. Beckett is not as excited because she's not a baby person. She starts to sort of like him though. This whole part ends up being about how Castle's ex-wife was never around to help him take care of baby Alexis, so he's scared that Beckett will do the same. Beckett assures him that when she has a baby, she'll actually like it and would never to that to him. But enough sap! Let's find that murderer!

7. That Beckett Makes a Connection Between Poopy Diapers and Missing Garbage
The next day at work, Beckett and Castle are exhausted from babysitting. (By the way, they left the baby with Alexis and Castle's mom because they apparently have no issue breaking CPS's rules.) Beckett, while drinking her giant cup of coffee, realizes that the hideout barely had any garbage in it and if that night with the baby taught her anything, it's that baby's produce A LOT of garbage. So they all go search the bins outside of the apartment building and find ping pong balls and a wine-making kit that contains some sort of gaseous chemical.

8. That Ryan Is Super Into the Lottery
No one can figure out the connection between a dead guy, a baby, a wine-making kit, and ping-pong balls, that is, until Ryan calls everyone around to watch the lottery drawing with him. Aha! Cam had a lottery ticket on him at his time of death. Castle grabs the ticket and weirds everyone out by predicting the numbers before they appear on the screen. It all makes sense now. Cam and the briefcase guys were fixing the lottery! They filled all the lottery balls except the winning numbers with extra gas (from the wine-making kit) so they wouldn't fit through the shoot and used the other ping pong balls to practice. Written out like this, it really sounds more like Nancy Drew than Castle.

9. That Everyone from Earlier Was in on It
Castle and Beckett go back to Colfax where the TV station that does the lottery is located. Some nerdy lottery man there tells them that the lotto announcer, Miranda, chooses a briefcase out of several options for each lottery drawing. They track her down and it turns out that she was told to choose the planted case by an anonymous man who said he'd hold her husband and son hostage until she did as she was told and he got his money. The baby is hers! And the wall blood was her husband's! The only thing is, the husband is still missing and will surely be killed since they were unable to get their money with Cam dead. Castle and Beckett realize that the head of security at Colfax was definitely in on it and his repeated calls to the manager of the limo company prove that he was in on it too. They rush to the limo business just in time to save Miranda's husband. Woohoo!

Miranda's husband assures everyone that Cam is a good guy, and a baby-saver, and was forced back into being a getaway driver by his manager. I have no idea why you'd choose him. We already know he did a horrible job at that the first time with Jimmy. Anyway, the family is reunited and the baby is still cute and everything's great.

10. That His Turkey Thaws Really Fast
Castle says something like, “Let's get home and get that turkey out of the freezer or our Thanksgiving will be ruined.” It's already evening at this point, but in the next shot, his turkey is coming out of the oven a perfect golden brown. Castle's huge turkey sure does defrost fast. First he solves a murder, then he defies the physics of cooking. It's all in a days work for Castle.

What did you think of “The Good, The Bad, and The Baby?” Anything else Castle should be thankful for? Let us know in the comments!