Which Type of Light Saber is Right for You?

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New Star Wars 7 Supercut Video

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This 'Star Wars 7' Supercut Trailer Has All Of The Video Footage Released So FarRead Full Story

These Videos of the 'Star Wars' Cast Reacting to the New 'Force Awakens' Trailer Are Adorable

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New 'Star Wars' Character Names Revealed via Trading Cards

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5 Things We Learned About 'Star Wars: Episode VII' This Weekend

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Best New Music Recommendations Based on Artists You Already Love: Emotistyle, James Vincent McMorrow, and More

By Alicia Dennis on
(YouTube) We've got a lot going on in the latest installment of best new music — Trash pop! Parody! Ewoks! — but, as always, we've offered helpful comparisons to aid you in your voyage of musical discovery. Here's the latest and greatest new music, serious and not. Beyonce + Reality = EmotistyleComedy duo Emotistyle went sans makeup in their latest video, which tackles an issue that affects us all — except for Beyoncé, of course. "Morning Face" gets it right. Tell 'em to run and tell that...Read Full Story

'Star Wars' Blu Ray Marred by Darth Vader's 'Noooooo'

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Darth Vader has been unforgivably changed in the new Star Wars Blu Ray release of Return of the Jedi.In the film's climactic scene Vader returns to the Jedi fold by throwing the Emporer to his death on the Death Star. In the newly edited scene, Vader moans "Noooo," and then louder says "NOOOOOO!" as he tosses Emporer Palpatine down the shaft. Don't Miss: Jules Verne 2010 - 18th Adventure Film Festival - Tribute to Star Wars V Darth VaderDarth Vader Pictures It's a reference to the much...Read Full Story

Star Wars Exhibition Opens Up in Australia

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Attention geeks: you now have a new vacation destination. The "Star Wars Exhibition," a collection of props and priceless memorabilia from the making of the Star Wars movies, is currently on display at the Powerhouse Musuem in Sydney, Austrailia.Dave Hill dresses as Obi-Wan Kenobi during the official launch of the 'Star Wars Exhibition' at the Powerhouse Museum on December 3, 2008 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Dave Hill (Getty Images...Read Full Story

Best Star Wars Moment

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Star Wars is a pop culture phenomenon.  The overall box office revenue generated by the six Star Wars films has already topped $4.3 billion.  Yup, billions.  And you don't bank billions without creating fantastic characters and memorable moments.  So here's your chance to pick the single best Star Wars moment ever.  The game is set up as a bracket, one scene vs another, till you narrow down to your one favorite scene.Click here to play the Star Wars GameRead Full Story