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For the hundreds of bad roles actors reject in any given career, there's always a few that get away. Sometimes schedules don't work out. Sometimes scripts aren't as polished as they will be later. And sometimes stars just make mistakes... huge, career-altering mistakes.

There are only a handful of iconic movies made in any given year. That means historical, award-winning roles are often times the result of simple good luck — the right people coming together at the right time to create something special. Sure, some films seem destined for greatness from the outset, but it's very hard to tell. Blockbuster filmmaking isn't an artform. As William Goldman once said, "Nobody knows anything."

So we can't blame the following stars for passing on these iconic, memorable, and/or big money roles in movies. It's hard to tell what's going to win you an Oscar and what's going to make you a laughingstock. Every actor has parts they wish they'd gone for. Here are some especially memorable rejection stories.