WATCH: Steve Aoki Lobs a Cake 80 Feet Into a Wheelchair User's Face

By Alicia Dennis on
There is no one on this earth who throws cake quite like Steve Aoki. The beloved DJ has made cake tossing a regular element of his explosive stage show, but he accomplished something rather mind-blowing during his performance at Toronto's Veld Music Festival over the weekend — an 80 foot shot that hit a kid in a wheelchair straight in the face.Don't worry: This is not a sad video. It appears that the guy in the wheelchair accepted the sweet treat as a party blessing. Aoki tweeted a link to...Read Full Story

Labrinth Sends a Crowd Tumbling, and 5 Other Memorable Stage Dive Fails

By Alicia Dennis on
On Saturday, English singer-songwriter Labrinth attempted to pump up the audience at the University of Kent's Summer Ball with a spontaneous stage dive. Unfortunately, the crowd was ill-prepared to handle the jump, and instead of surfing the crowd, Labrinth created a wave of another sort — with people dropping like dominoes.Approximately 50 students lost their footing in the massive crowd of 2,000 in a moment captured on video by student Nasser Naoum. He explained, "He kept asking everyone to...Read Full Story