Steven Seagal Wife: Who Is She?

Steven Seagal
seems to be caught up in some not-so-great stuff at this juncture -- his former employee Kayden Nguyen is suing him for $1 million, claiming he sexually assaulted her on the job, and she also claims he said his wife "wouldn't care" if she was his "lover," according to CBS. But, who is his wife?

Kaden Nguyen (
Well, hard to say. According to his Wikipedia entry, he's been married 3 times, but it's not apparent who his current wife is. His previous spouses are: Miyako Fujitani (1975-1986), Adrienne LaRussa (1985-1987), and Kelly LeBrock (1987-1996), but that's as far as we get.

In any case, Nguyen says she was hired to work at his production company in February and soon discovered she was going to be replacing one of his Russian "attendants," and was expected to care for his sexual needs. On her first day on the job, Nguyen alleges he tried to put his hand up her shirt, then he tried to force his hands down her pants.

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