Zimbio Exclusive Song Premiere: The Lovebirds' 'Fortunate Us'

(I Am Lost Photography)There's a lot of love harbored in the bittersweet harmonies of "Fortunate Us," a new song by San Diego duo The Lovebirds. Like many of the songs featured on the band's upcoming album Breakup Shmakeup, it's a celebration of re-birth in the wake of loss, written as songwriters Lindsay White and Veronica May ended their romantic relationship to preserve their musical union.

"I love imagery and uniform song structure so this song makes me very happy," Lindsay says of the track. "We were listening to a lot of Milk Carton Kids during the time Veronica wrote this, and you can definitely hear that influence in her beautifully sparse guitar arrangement and the warm harmonies."

"'Fortunate Us' is a song of gratitude and a song of acceptance," Veronica tells us. "A deep appreciation of all the beauty this world has to offer and an understanding that while the beauty of the present moment will potentially fade, there is an equal beauty waiting just around the bend. You know that life keeps on living. It's just a different plane, that's all."

The Lovebirds' Breakup Shmakeup will be released on May 2. Catch them live on the West Coast though the end of May.

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