Zimbio Exclusive Song Premiere: Chevonne and the Fuzz's 'Burn Out'

(Courtesy Big Picture Media)Chevonne has been dancing around the spotlight for a few years now. The New Jersey-based performer spent a couple of years singing backup for the likes of Lady Gaga and Estelle, followed by a three round stint on The Voice's third season. Now, with the release of her debut EP Fire at Will due in just a month, Chevonne is ready to take center stage — but not as a solo artist, as she'd originally planned.

"I've always wanted to front a band. I have pop, funk, and soul in my bones, but if you look deep into my heart you'll see that I really want to rock," Chevonne explains via email. "I was planning on doing a solo project with the boys as my backing band, but in our early rehearsals and jam sessions, I encouraged everyone to express themselves and be creative. Eventually that led to straight-up writing riffs, melodies and lyrics together. The chemistry was undeniable and so were the songs we wrote, so we all just looked at each other, nodded our heads, and marched on as the band we were always meant to be."

On September 17, Chevonne and the Fuzz will release Fire at Will, an EP that vocalist Chris Ricci calls "a kickoff to our debut as a band."

"We're inviting our listeners to go as hard as they can in whatever direction they want — rocking out in their rooms to our album, screaming along at our shows, or even rattling off obnoxious comments on our Facebook page," Ricci asserts. "We're not afraid of any reaction, as long as it's a passionate one. Fire At Will is an exclamation of empowerment and an invitation to feel as bold and fearless as we do about what we've created."

Today, Chevonne and the Fuzz are releasing their sophomore single "Burn Out," the first song they wrote as a band.

"It's a great representation of us as a whole and what we are and will become on this musical journey we've started," bassist Mike Sarkissian says. "I mean, the song has literally made me smile, laugh and then cry, all in one sitting. On more than one occasion, too. Tears of joy of course! I'm just excited for the rest of the world to hear what we've created!"

Check out the song below, and check out the band's official website for future updates.

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