The New Michael Jackson Song Featuring Justin Timberlake Is Actually Amazing

(Getty Images) When Michael Jackson's upcoming posthumous album Xscape was announced a few weeks ago, some fans worried that it was just a cheap excuse to make some extra cash for Sony and the late singer's estate. Others were concerned about potential collaborators for the project, particularly in light of the unofficial Justin Bieber/Michael Jackson "collaboration" that hit the Internet last year.

But with the release of "Love Never Felt So Good," Jackson fans can breathe a little easier. The song, originally recorded and produced with Paul Anka in 1983, has seen an update courtesy of Timbaland, who looped his buddy Justin Timberlake in for some guest vocals. It's kind of amazing.

Most importantly, the fans dig it.

The ease with which JT blends into the song is a nice reminder of how revolutionary Michael Jackson really was, and how lasting his influence remains. This could've been on the radio in 1983, but it'll sound completely natural on the airwaves today, too. Well done, Timbaland.
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