Zimbio Exclusive Song Premiere: Big Little Lions' 'Make It Up As We Go Along'

(Courtesy Big Picture Media)You'd never know that Big Little Lions' Helen Austin and Paul Otten live thousands of miles apart from each other by listening to their songs. Austin, who lives on Vancouver Island, and Otten, who makes Cincinnati his home, met at a conference and began collaborating years later, but when they sing they sound like soulmates. It's no wonder that Otten believes they share a "kindred musical heartbeat." 

That heartbeat is loud and clear on "Make It Up As We Go Along," the jubilant new track we're thrilled to premiere today. With cheerful claps and harmonies that make it impossible not to smile, Austin and Otten have crafted a truly celebratory moment.

"'Make It Up As We Go Along' started life as a very simple, organic, acoustic idea that grew into the multi-instrumental, vocally rich track that it is now," Austin explains. "The lyrical ideas came from the fact that we’re all just winging it through life and that making it up as we go along is fun, surprising and empowering."

The song is featured on Paper Cage, the band's debut EP, which arrives May 6. Find out more on the band's official website.

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