Who Has the Best Hair in the New One Direction Video for 'You & I'?

(VEVO)On Friday, One Direction finally unveiled the moody music video for "You & I," the latest tune clearly intended to tug at teenage heartstrings. The concept is simple: The young men, all of them outfitted in skinny black jeans and gray wool sweaters, make their way down a pier on a windy day... one by one, as they morph into each other according to who sings what.

There's enough Harry Styles Pensive Face to satisfy most fans, but there are bound to be at least a few Directioners unsettled by the guys' haircuts. They may be dressed the same, but all 5 guys have managed to showcase their differing personalities through their follicles. 

Niall looks like he stole Halle Berry's look.

Liam looks like your average Bushwick band guy.

Harry Styles looks like a soft version of Joan Jett.

Zayn looks... hot. Well done, Zayn.

And Louis looks like a 29-year-old who still lives with his mother and hangs out with high school chicks because they boost his self esteem.

So. Watch the video below and tell us — who do you think has the best look in this latest offering?

Poll: Who has the best hair in the 'You & I' video?
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  • Niall
  • Liam
  • Harry
  • Zayn
  • Louis

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