Here's Musical Proof That Beyoncé Doesn't Always Need to Be the Center of Attention

(Getty Images)Beyoncé has spent almost the entirety of her life in the spotlight, so she's pretty used to causing a commotion with whatever she does. Even in her Destiny's Child's days, she tended to be the only one people talked about, and things haven't really changed — but she is capable of playing second fiddle from time to time, it turns out.

Mrs. Carter is prominently featured on "Dreams," a gorgeous new track by her mysterious producer Boots, aka Jordy Asher, but she doesn't exactly steal the show. Sure, her vocal runs are impressive as ever, but Beyoncé actually displays considerable restraint on the austere R&B track, which is featured on Boots' mixtape.

Commenting about the track on Facebook, Boots referred to Queen Bey as his "friend" and promised that all proceeds made from the song would be donated to Day One, a NYC organization dedicated to ending teen dating violence.

"I feel that protecting women from these horrible and unthinkable acts should take precedence in our society," Boots wrote. "I feel passionate about this because if more women knew that safe places existed from the turmoil they experience, it could possibly prevent these situations from occurring or reoccurring."

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