Best New Music Recommendations Based on Artists You Already Love

(Getty Images | Facebook)This week's most wonderful musical offerings are framed, as always, with helpful comparisons to other artists and sometimes 80s fantasy movies, because I'm cool like that. Enjoy.

1. Future Islands + The NeverEnding Story = Bear Mountain's "See You Through"
Apparently this song has been around for a year or so but I just discovered it today and it makes me happy in a distinctly nostalgic and highly emotional way, so there. Vancouver's Bear Mountain will play a string of dates with Cut Copy in Canada this May before hitting the Osheaga festival in August.

2. Hot Chip at their most somber and lonely + Thom Yorke + Sigur Rós = Low Roar's "I'll Keep Coming"
This cold, gutting track is featured on Low Roar's upcoming album O, which drops on July 8, 2014. Find out more about the album and get involved in its funding through PledgeMusic.

3. Owen Pallett + Joanna Newsom = Nat Baldwin's "In the Hollows"
Take the gorgeous purity of Owen Pallett's production and the pure vocal spontaneity of Joanna Newsom and you've got something approaching a superficial description of Nat Baldwin's solo work. Cello pop forever

4. Sade + FKA Twigs = denitia and sene's "Divided"
This new track from this Brooklyn-based duo sounds like cool, glacial sex.

5. Nick Cave + Chrissie Hynde + Legend = Jihae's "Illusion of You"
The music video for Jihae's new single is as elegantly disquieting as the song it was created to accompany, a theatrical offering that's both dramatic and subtle at the same time. 
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