Which Tribute Song Is Superior: K. Michelle's 'Justin Bieber' or DJ Holiday's 'Miley'?

(Getty Images)Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber have both done a terrific job of completely dominating the headlines over the past year or so, so it's only natural that their omnipresence is starting to affect their peers' work.

Both pop performers inspired songs this week. Cyrus, who last year was the title subject of a song by the Ying Yang Twins, has already tweeted her approval of DJ Holiday's new track "Miley," which features Waka Flocka and Wiz Khalifa. She doesn't appear in the goofy Weird Science-inspired video, however, and doesn't seem to have much to do with the lyrical content other than frequent mentions of butts, however.

Justin Bieber's influence is much more clearly felt in K.Michelle's track "Justin Bieber," which features Jeff Robinson. The extremely brief a cappella song, featured on her new mixtape Still No F**ks Given, includes lines like "I know that yous a little black boy down in your soul / Media trying to act like you're out of control." Well then!

So which of these tracks has your vote?

Poll: Which tribute song is superior?
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  • DJ Holiday's "Miley"
  • K.Michelle's "Justin Bieber"

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