Zimbio Exclusive Song Premiere: Seiichi Daimo's 'Moon'

(Joe Tirado)It's so hard to capture the multitude of emotions that come with first love — the excitement, the sweetness, the vulnerability — but New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Seiichi Daimo has done a beautiful job with his new song "Moon." There's a comforting familiarity to the dreamy track, which reminds listeners that love and loss are both natural and necessary.

"'Moon' is a song about young love," Seichi tells us. "It has a way of transporting the listener into the story and back to their own story of young romances. To me it's just like a movie in musical form."

"Moon is featured on Seiichi's debut EP In The Inbetween, which drops next week on February 25. Be sure to check out the title track at ARTISTdirect.

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