Sven Kramer Wins Gold, Then Disqualified

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Poor Sven Kramer. The celebrated speedskater almost won the gold medal AND set a world record today at the 10,000-meter menโ€™s marathon before he was disqualified for a lane-changing infraction. His reaction? This really sucks. This is a real expensive mistake."According to, a referee called Kramer out for "incorrect changing of lanes" when he was 17 out of 25 laps into the race. Unfortunately, Kramer didn't know about it until he'd already crossed the finish line in record time...Read Full Story

Sven Kramer's Girlfriend Is Naomi van As

By Deena Bustillo on
Sven Kramer's girlfriend is Naomi van As, a field hockey player from the Netherlands. She must be super stoked about her gold medal-winning speed skater boyfriend. We wonder if she is staying at the swanky Hilton in Vancouver at the 2010 Olympic Games, where Sven is calling home for the next couple weeks, according to She is likely celebrating her boyfriend's win now, as he just won a gold medal in the 5000 Meter speed skating event today. She is an international sports star as...Read Full Story

Sven Kramer Wins Gold, Sets Record

By Deena Bustillo on
Sven Kramer of the Netherlands won a gold medal in the men's 5,000-meter speed skating today, sailing into victory with a time of 6:14.60. The time was good enough for a new Olympic record, even with the thick, low-altitude air of Vancouver slowing him down. He beat out Americans Shani Davis, Chad Hedrick, and Trevor Marsicano. "It just goes to show he has the heart of a champion. He had to go out first and he had a whole bunch of sharpshooters behind him," said Shani Davis afterwards...Read Full Story

Shani Davis Paired with Sven Kramer for 5,000-Meter Race

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Shani Davis, US speed skater, is being paired with Sven Kramer of the Netherlands in a 5,000-meter race today. The match-up is supposed to be a big one, as Kramer is a leading contender in the sport. The European star is the world record-holder in the event and won 4 of 5 World Cup events in the 5,000 last year, according to Fellow US speed skater Chad Hedrick jokingly labeled the event "The Sven Kramer Show."Davis is the favored winner for the shorter 1,000...Read Full Story

Sven Kramer

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Sven Kramer (born April 23, 1986) is an athlete from the Netherlands. Sven Kramer is competing for medals in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Olympic Speed Skating. Find more Sven Kramer news, pictures, and information here.Event Schedule:February 13 4:45 PM Speed Skating - Men's 5000 m (Medal Event) February 14 5:45 PM Speed Skating - Ladies' 3000 m (Medal Event) February 15 6:45 PM Speed Skating - Men's 500 m Race 1 of 2 (Medal Event) February 15 7:45 PM Speed Skating - Men's 500 m Race 2...Read Full Story