Artwork for Zimbio by Rafael Hidalgo
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Losing a beloved TV character is never easy, and it can totally ruin your favorite show forever. On the other hand, saying goodbye to a major villain can feel oh so sweet! Whether you cried buckets over these losses or simply squealed out in joy, one thing is certain: 2018 was filled with an onslaught of TV deaths. From hit dramas to cult favorites, the body count kept rising — even though both Game of Thrones and Stranger Things remained off air. Now isn't that something?

Hey, once the Grim Reaper strikes in TV Land, there's no turning back. So let's take a closer look at this fictional trail of dead bodies. Keep reading to find out which small-screen characters bit the bullet in 2018. While some of these exits were a blessing in disguise, others left us sobbing into our remotes. Whatever the case, we are paying tribute to many of the small-screen characters who took their final bow this year.