5 'Quantico' Theories That Could Reveal the Bomber's Identity

Things are Quanti-quaking over at the FBI.

5 'Quantico' Theories That Could Reveal the Bomber's Identity

There's something about Quantico that you love.

From explicit, raw strife and competition to illicit sexual encounters to the constant race to save the world, there's never a dull moment for our FBI recruits. Though there have been plenty of shows like it, frequent plot twists have resulted in this ABC series becoming one of TV's most talked-about shows.

But in the midst of the cheating and the politics, what's really on our minds is that Quanti-constant question: Who's the real bomber?

Here are five theories that might reveal the truth.

1. The entire "bomber" crisis is one elaborate, controlled test for the recruits

5 'Quantico' Theories That Could Reveal the Bomber's Identity

Granted, this particular theory is the most difficult to wrap our minds around. Blowing up buildings...as a test? To the same token, thus far, the show has been all about games, challenges, the deciphering of ornate lies, and thinking outside of the box — what makes the present bomb crisis seem any different?

There's a portion of the internet that believes the FBI has gone above and beyond for their newest recruits, and are determined to discover who's got the chops by any means necessary. This would also make for an easy transition into Season 2, when the few and the strong have proven themselves and begin to take on real missions.

2. Caleb is the true bomber, as made evident by the "boiler room" connection

5 'Quantico' Theories That Could Reveal the Bomber's Identity

After the decoy bomb was found in the boiler room of the hotel hosting the Democratic Convention, Caleb seemed an even likelier suspect. Sure, he looks to have come around a bit in recent episodes, but who could forget that Caleb and Shelby's secret rendezvous spot back at Quantico was the boiler room?

Is this a legitimate connection, or a convenient coincidence? Could Caleb or someone with deep knowledge of his life have chosen this particular area as a twisted hint?

3. Senator Haas is behind it all

5 'Quantico' Theories That Could Reveal the Bomber's Identity

"You think I care that you slept with my husband? He can do what he wants. You destroyed my son. That's unforgivable. And I plan to make it my business to destroy you, too."

Anybody else recall this oh-so political moment? Senator Claire Haas, mother to Caleb and estranged wife to Clayton Haas, discovers Shelby's affair with her husband and proceeds to threaten her with vigor. She promises to "destroy" her, demonstrating an aptitude for revenge at the very least.

It's also true that Haas is likely to become the vice presidential nominee, a status that might encourage particularly ambitious politicians to do whatever it takes to catapult themselves into the spotlight. Haas was there when the hotel was evacuated, was present for the unfortunate bombing of the FBI headquarters, and you better believe her face will be all over the news as she condemns the actions.

4. Each episode's title somehow indicates the truth

5 'Quantico' Theories That Could Reveal the Bomber's Identity

Given that each episode's title is one very [suspiciously, strangely, inordinately] general word, it's fair to wonder: are these titles hiding a larger secret? The collection of words does seem generic, especially Episode 10: Quantico. Might these titles be arranged in a particularly magical sequence that could one day reveal details we've overlooked?

Additionally, each title is the last word spoken on each episode, so we already know there is some semblance of a pattern.

Episode 1: Run
Episode 2: America
Episode 3: Cover
Episode 4: Kill
Episode 5: Found
Episode 6: God
Episode 7: Go
Episode 8: Over
Episode 9: Guilty
Episode 10: Quantico
Episode 11: Inside

5. Alex Parrish has been the bomber all along

5 'Quantico' Theories That Could Reveal the Bomber's Identity

It's depressing. It's not fun to consider. Our heroine, the one shining light in an otherwise dark world, the bad guy all along?

5 'Quantico' Theories That Could Reveal the Bomber's Identity

But in all fairness, we've watched her train herself into a formidable force both mentally and physically. She's brilliant, strong, and conniving, and most notably, these qualities run in the family. Her dad was a known FBI deviant, her mom can keep a secret or two, and she has spent time with terrorists in the past.

True, we've been in her head throughout the entire show, but there's one possibility we must make room for: what if not even Alex knows she's the culprit?

Quantico returns March 6 on ABC.

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