'The Magicians' Is the Insanely Dark Adult 'Harry Potter' Series You're Missing

Who needs Voldemort when you have The Beast?

'The Magicians' Is the Insanely Dark Adult 'Harry Potter' Series You're Missing

Imagine Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione as college students. Instead of butter beer at the local pub, there's absinthe in every dorm. Who needs seasonal ball dances when there are weekly ragers complete with hazing and threesomes? Dragons are nothing when you're staring a Cancer Puppy in its sad, furry little face. And hey, Voldemort who? In this world, the ultimate baddie went rogue after being molested by a pedophilic children's book author for years.

If this doesn't sound dark enough, we're worried about you. Also, we haven't even begun to describe the weird awesomeness that is The Magicians.

For whatever reason, Syfy's newest book-to-TV series isn't getting the attention it deserves. The show, which aired its Season 2 premiere on January 25, stars newcomer Jason Ralph as Quentin Coldwater, a young man who never truly feels like he was meant for the real world. Without giving too much away (this show is a must-watch), Quentin is scouted by magical university Brakebills to be trained as a magician. The best part? The world in which Brakebills resides is the subject of his number one childhood obsession, a series of fantasy books. Suddenly, everything makes sense for Quentin.

That's about when any semblance of sense ends.

The major difference between the worlds of Hogwarts and Brakebills is that at Brakebills, magic is fueled by pain. The more Quentin and his messed up, fabulous group of friends and frenemies go through on an emotional level, the more powerful they become. In contrast, at Hogwarts, pain is directly translated to evil — Tom Riddle being the ultimate example.

If, like us, you read the Harry Potter books as a young person, Magicians offers a welcome reunion with magic without the G-rating. As odd as it is, one of the most thrilling scenes in the show's first season revolved around a fox sex scene.

You read that right. That's just the beginning.

'The Magicians' Is the Insanely Dark Adult 'Harry Potter' Series You're Missing

According to Deadline, the Season 2 premiere entitled "Knight of Crowns" saw 25 percent more viewers than the Season 1 premiere, a strong indication that word is spreading: You need to watch this show. The numbers were even higher for viewers ages 18-34, the highest demographic turnout of any of the network's original scripted series for years.

But don't take our word for it. Let the tweets of the people illustrate just how dark this series shines.

Pretty crazy indeed.

Catch The Magicians Wednesdays on Syfy.

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