POLL: Was Last Night's Shocking 'Downton Abbey' [SPOILER] Actually a Good Thing?


Downton Abbey's third season was not for the faint of heart. First poor Sybil passed away after giving birth to Robert and Cora's first grandchild. And during last night's Christmas special, Matthew Crawley [SPOILER] also died in a car accident while driving to Downton to tell the family that Mary had just given birth to their first son.

Many American Downton fans knew the tragic twist was coming. Dan Stevens' departure from the hit period drama had already been announced and it was hard to avoid such an epic spoiler after Downton aired in the U.K. months ago.

After the initial shock of the news and the necessary weeping (Poor Mary! And their infant son!), I've come around to thinking that maybe Matthew's death isn't such a bad thing after all. Sure, it's devastating to see a beloved character go. But it's also going to propel the storyline forward in completely new and interesting ways. As with Sybil's passing, none of the other characters will ever be the same again; Mary, in particular, will be facing completely new challenges that should prove fascinating to watch.

It's nice to imagine that all of our favorite couples live happily ever after, but is that really what we'd want to watch every week? I will definitely miss Matthew Crawley, but I'll take tragedy and heart-stopping drama anytime over the fluffy staus quo. But what do you think? Cast your vote in the poll below, then hit the comments below with your thoughts.

Poll: Do you think Matthew Crawley's death is actually a good thing for 'Downton Abbey'?
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