Witch Reboot? 'Charmed' May Be Coming back to TV

Are the Halliwells back at it?

Witch Reboot? 'Charmed' May Be Coming back to TV
The WB

The most bewitching reboot of them all may be coming to TV.

After a series of tweets from Alyssa Milano, former Charmed sister and breastfeeding advocacy badass, fans of the '00s show have renewed hope.

Though the reboot in question has technically been in the works since 2013, no news has since released, leaving fans in the dark. Now, there's talk of progression, and Milano is fully on board for a reboot with the original cast.

As Milano describes, CBS has all the rights to Charmed, so at this point the final decision is in the network's hands. But judging by fan feedback, rebooting the show with the full original cast would be a boon.

Witch Reboot? 'Charmed' May Be Coming back to TV

As thrilling as it would be to see all the Halliwells back at it, Shannon Doherty is sadly battling breast cancer, Rose McGowan herself has since stated that she'd be in if (and only if) drugs and alcohol were involved, and Holly Marie Combs has been with Pretty Little Liars since 2010: it would be no small feat.

Still, here's hoping the network can make some magic happen.

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