John Stamos Explains the Real Reason Why Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Won't Be on 'Fuller House'

Michelle Tanner has no interest in a family reunion.

John Stamos Explains the Real Reason Why Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Won't Be on 'Fuller House'

UPDATE: John Stamos recently revealed that after Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen declined the role of Michelle Tanner, their younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, was offered the part in Fuller House.

While everyone's excited about the premiere of Netflix's Fuller House, a critical member of the Tanner family will be absent from the spin-off. Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen chose not to reprise the role of Michelle Tanner, even though Full House brought them instant fame and success.

Initially, the Olsens claimed that they had not been notified about the project. "I ran into Bob [Saget] the other day and we didn't even talk about it," Ashley told Women's Wear Daily.

"I'm shocked I haven't heard from John [Stamos]," Mary-Kate added in the same interview.

However, John Stamos wasn't happy about the Olsen twins' decision to not participate in the first season of Fuller House. "Just so you reporters know—this is not a money gig for any of us—quite the opposite," he wrote on Facebook. "We want to give the fans what they deserve for supporting us for so many years—we all just want to have it in a classy way on Netflix and have a good time.”

Stamos continued to express his disappointment on social media. "Sad that a few don't share the rest of the cast's opinion," he elaborated on Twitter. "I can only wish them the best – JS."

They have all cleared the air since then. Stamos recently appeared on Howard Stern's SiriusXM show and explained the real reason why the Olsens won't star on the highly-anticipated Netflix revival.

"So I had a knee-jerk reaction and said, 'Bulls--t, I did ask them.' And they got upset, so I did call and talked to Mary-Kate and explained what the show is going to be and told them I'd love for them to be on there and they decided not to, which I respect," said Stamos.

When Stern suggested that, perhaps, the Olsens were “too rich” and successful to care about the show, Stamos didn't take the bait and responded very diplomatically. 

"You'd have to ask them. They seemed . . . they were very, very sweet. They seemed very into it. They just were afraid of acting. They don't consider themselves actresses," Stamos stated. "I said maybe you guys will just be in New York and we'll do a phone call or something and they were like, 'Let us think about it,' and it just wasn't for them."

Do you think the Olsens are right about not considering themselves actresses, or do you want to see Michelle Tanner make an appearance on Fuller House? Let us know how you feel in the comments.

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