Poll: What Do You Think of the New 'American Idol' Judging Panel?

(Photo courtesy of Fox)

American Idol debuted its 12th season last night with a brand new judging panel that was, how shall we say, diva-tastic.

When Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj weren't lobbing thinly veiled insults at each other, they were arguing over contestants, who got to talk first, and, bizarrely, Mean Girls. (Hey, if anyone can make fetch happen, it's Mariah Carey.) Keith Urban, meanwhile, managed to find some time to be sincerely interested in the contestants — when he wasn't mediating relations between the two starlets on either side of him.

And longtime Idol judge Randy Jackson, who usually offers little more than "you did your thing, dawg," actually doled out genuine criticism and unapologetically told sucky contestants that they should find a new hobby.

What do you think of the new American Idol judging panel? It's certainly not boring, we'll give it that. But is it already too combative for its own good? Are you on Team Mariah or Team Nicki? Or Team Can't-We-All-Just-Get-Along? Cast your vote in the poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

Poll: What do you think of the new 'American Idol' judging panel?
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  • Awesome! I love watching the sparks fly.
  • It was just all right for me dawg...
  • Ugh, I never thought I'd miss J.Lo and Steven Tyler.
  • Mariah and Nicki are going to kill each other by the end of the season.
  • Poor Keith Urban.
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